Tasmanian Native Timber Pens and Writing Instruments

We are really pleased to be able to offer these beautiful pens and writing instruments.

Hand-crafted in the Derwent Valley area of Southern Tasmania the pens are made from local native timbers including Ancient Blackwood recovered from the Plenty River at The Salmon Ponds, stunning Huon Pine from Tasmania’s West Coast and Huon River area and even fence posts that have stood on farmland and weathered the elements for many decades. All are available here in styles to suit every user.

Fountain Pens

Stunning fountain pens for the discerning and professional writer.

Presented in an attractive presentation box.

‘Gentleman’ pen in Red Heart Wattle (top). ‘Professional’ pen in Blackwood (lower).

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Sierra Ball Point Pens

A new level of style for ball point pens.

Presented in a gift box.

Driftwood – Binalong Bay (top). Blackwood (centre). Huon Pine (lower).

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Streamline Ball Point Pens

Our mid-range pen.

Presented in a gift box.

Blackwood (top). Tasmanian Oak (centre). Fence Post (lower).

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Slimline Ballpoint Pens

Our entry-level pen.
Presented in a velvet sleeve.
Myrtle Midi-Slimline (top). Purple Leaved Plum Slimline (upper centre). Huon Pine Fatboy-Slimline (lower centre). Huon Pine Slimline (lower).
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