The Port Arthur Paranormal Investigation Experience

A groundbreaking approach to exploring the spookier side of Tasmania’s most famous historic location is causing chills amongst skeptics and believers alike. Grab your scarf and flashlight; this is no ordinary ghost tour…

The Port Arthur Paranormal Investigation Experience is a late-night, guided exploration of the ethereal Port Arthur Historic Site, created to provide visitors (or should they be called investigators?) with a hands-on opportunity to capture real, tangible evidence of Port Arthur’s infamous paranormal activity.

Accompanied by an experienced guide, visitors explore the Historic Site armed with recording devices and scientific detection equipment (all provided by the tour) with the goal of capturing visual, audio or scientific paranormal evidence.

While regular Ghost Tours are still available at the Site, the concept of the ‘traditional’ ghost tour has been supersized — ghostly tales told behind flickering hurricane lanterns have been replaced with factual historic recollections, handheld recording devices and scientific detection equipment.

There’s no better location in Tasmania for this spooky, scientific experience

The iconic Port Arthur Historic Site is located on the Tasman Peninsula, southeast of Hobart. Between 1830 and 1877, the Historic Site used to be a prison where, over the life of the prison, about 12,500 prisoners were housed in grim and cruel conditions. All that remains today are remarkable sandstone ruins and colonial buildings jacketed by carefully maintained gardens and a visitor centre.

The Port Arthur Historic Site has been plagued with mysterious phenomenon since it was established almost 200 years ago. Over 2000 cases of bizarre photo anomalies, poltergeist activity and other unexplained events have been documented since official ghost tours started in 1990.


This is no ordinary ghost tour — visitors combine paranormal detection equipment with nerves of steel and good-old-fashioned detective work to experience the mysterious side of the Port Arthur Historic Site.

The scientific approach to this experience makes it attractive to both believers and skeptics. There are no ‘mystical’ or psychic components to the tour nor are there unclear data points available for interpretation: the recording devices and scientific instruments are exactly that — scientific.

At the beginning of the tour, visitors are briefed on the equipment available at their disposal, including sound recorders, camcorders and instruments designed to measure electromagnetic interference, temperature, humidity and infrared and ultraviolet light… all of which can detect the scientific representation of what many believe to be paranormal evidence.

The tour’s guides are trained and experienced in the field of paranormal detection and willingly share their knowledge of the scientific gear, location and history of the site. Equipment available for use during the investigation is as follows:

  • Voice recorders, to detect heard/unheard voices,
  • Triaxial ELF Magnetic Field Meters, to measure electromagnetic fields of very low frequency (it is believed ghosts are made of electromagnetic energy),
  • Atmospheric Conditions Loggers, to measure weather conditions, temperature, air quality and water quality,
  • EMF Pumps, designed to feed extra electromagnetic field and manifest paranormal activity,
  • KII Meters (these are powerful, fast sampling electromagnetic tools),
  • Full Spectrum Cameras and
  • Handheld video recorders

At the end of the night, footage from cameras and detection equipment are collected by tour staff and compiled into a DVD for all investigators to keep and analyse following the event. This experience allows visitors to truly feel, see and hear the paranormal activity that occurs at Port Arthur.

Why choose the Investigation Experience over a regular ghost tour?

While both the regular Ghost Tour and more advanced Investigation Experience are fantastic, the two are very different tours. The Ghost Tour is ideal for guests interested in simply hearing ghostly stories while wandering through the historic site. The Investigation Experience is significantly more hands-on, and involves the use of equipment to detect activity, instead of just hearing about it.

The Investigation Experience takes visitors on a hands-on investigation to prove whether or not there is paranormal activity occurring. The visitor truly gets to be the judge.

Attending the Investigation Experience

The Investigation Experience is only conducted on the last Saturday of every month, and runs from 10pm to approximately 2am. Investigations are limited to twenty people per evening, and visitors can book private tours with a minimum of twelve guests.

It is also recommended to reserve accommodation near the Site, so visitors can easily get to their hotel after the tour.

Getting To Port Arthur

Getting to Port Arthur is an exploration in itself and is an hour and a half drive past farmlands, vineyards, bay scenes and villages to the compelling Tasman Peninsula.

How do I book this experience?

Learn more about the experience and book here. For more information call 1300 46 36 48 if calling in Australia or +61 2 8016 4210 if calling from outside of Australia. If guests desire a private tour, outside of the last Saturday of the month, they can reserve in advance and their request may be permitted by the Site.