Fragrant Oil Gift Pack


Fragrant Oil Gift Pack by Wild Islands

The Wild Islands collection of fragrances is developed and produced by Essential Oils of Tasmania.

This gift pack allows you to take home all five of the Wild Island fragrances including Pearl, Mountain Pepper, Lavender, Boronia and Fire Tree.


In this most feminine of fragrances, nature’s fresh, green fruity notes warm to the intensely rich and floral heart notes of the delicate Boronia flower. Violet and jasmine complement the floral symmetry with the balancing of hay and vanilla. The mystical notes of sandalwood and frankincense along with vetiver and white musk extend the allurement.


Exclusive, naturally scented pearl extracts is a feature of this sophisticated airy scent highlighted through contrasting white floral undertones of jasmine and rounded in rose absolute, yang ylang, mandarin, white musk and a hint of ocean breeze.

Mountain Pepper

The Mountain Pepper adds an exotic, lingering spicy zest to a masculine citrus splash full of vibrant pepper notes. With a heart of herbs and spices, the scent is complimented with our finest Tasmanian peppermint with hints of sandalwood, vetiver, oakmoss and cedar leaving a warmly mystical effect.

Fire Tree

The smoky and woody aroma of the Fire Tree is harmonised in the lilac, rose, ylang ylang and jasmine petals. The precious notes are intimately wrapped in extracts of leather, sandalwood, vetiver and white musk.


Share the herbaceous, floral notes of our special Lavender in this more masculine of fragrance that differentiates itself through a unique blending with our Tasmanian Fenchone, and hints of ginger, citrus, geranium and liquorice. A heart of dried fruits, bourbon and roses are complimented with remaining scents of rich woods, papyrus and leather features.

Located in Australia’s southern island state and jewel of the great southern ocean. Tasmania’s lush soils, clean air and enviable environment enables the production of highly regarded essential oils and extracts for the world’s fragrance market, including precious extracts from the south sea pearl.

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