Founded in 2014, Great Australian Secret is a website dedicated to Tasmania, Australia.

Tasmania is an island state blessed with unparalleled geographical features, iconic Australian history, interesting activities and a talented and welcoming community of people.

We embarked on the Great Australian Secret project fuelled by our passion for the things that can only be experienced in Tasmania. Gazing across miles of our picturesque, wind-swept countryside. Walking through patchwork orchards. Endless stars. Mount Wellington’s icy breeze. The warmth of Central Highlands wool. Seeing through the eyes of a colonial convict. Gazing up at an ancient pine. Celebrating with a Tasmanian Pinot Noir in your hand. And breathing our clean, fresh air.

The goal of Great Australian Secret is to curate these countless stories for the global stage to feel and experience. We founded this website for two reasons:

  1. To represent Tasmania in the form of a visual ‘encyclopaedia’ for her regions, cities, towns, hamlets and attractions; and to tell the story of the people, culture and history interwoven into each, and
  2. To inspire new and old visitors to visit Tasmania, using words, images, video and the interconnectivity of the Internet.

Inspiring people to visit Tasmania isn’t difficult, when the picnic is already all spread out.

We hope you enjoy our ode to this remarkable place.

Peter and Ben
June 2015

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