Great Australian Secret is committed to promoting Tasmania as an international tourism destination.

The ongoing mission of the Great Australian Secret project is as follows:

  1. To raise awareness of Tasmania and to promote it as a place to visit for a weekend, week, month or lifetime,
  2. To showcase the people, products, locations, history, events, destinations, culture and emotions of Tasmania,
  3. To inspire new and old visitors to our island; so they too can experience the kaleidoscope of experiences Tasmania has to offer,
  4. To promote Tasmania’s unique tourism activities like ecotourism and adventure tourism,
  5. To promote the small but equally-as-valuable attractions who don’t have the resources to have their voice heard over larger attractions,
  6. To document the hidden, lesser-spoken secrets of Tasmania… not to exploit them, but to give them the voice they deserve,
  7. To act as a digital platform and comprehensive network of content designed to act as an ‘encyclopedia’ of Tasmanian culture and history, and lastly
  8. To demonstrate why we believe this island is Australia’s biggest secret.

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