Tasmanian beer tells the story of passionate brewers combining fresh mountain water with pure, naturally grown ingredients. By international standards, Tasmanian beer stands alongside our wine, seafood and whisky… recognised as some of the best on the planet.

Beer is deeply intertwined into the foundations of Tasmanian history. The Cascade Brewery, located at the base of Mount Wellington in Hobart, was established in 1832 and is the oldest continually operating brewery in all of Australia. The art of brewing golden nectar has been practiced since the early days of Hobart’s settlement.

Nowadays, Tasmanian beer is exported internationally and is an iconic cut of Tasmania’s culture. Tasmanian beer is represented by brewing heavyweights Cascade Brewery (from the south of the island) and James Boags Brewery (from the north of the island) alongside smaller breweries that, like wine and whisky, are putting Tasmania on the map.

Tasmania’s clean water sources, quality hops and passionate brewers are the ideal catalyst for our award winning brews. From the iconic Cascade and Boags breweries through to smaller but equally as pleasing contemporary craft beers, Tasmania’s beer and brewery scene is thriving.

Cascade Brewery

Cascade Brewery is one of the island’s largest breweries and is located at the base of Mount Wellington, Hobart. Situated in an iconic sandstone building, the brewery’s guided tour is a ‘must-do’ experience when visiting southern Tasmania — visitors learn the history of Australia’s oldest brewery, taste some of their most iconic beers and witness first-hand the brewery’s manufacturing process.

The grounds at the brewery also includes a private function centre, a retail outlet, a three acre heritage garden, a bar and café. Cascade also produces a variety of non-alcoholic products.

Established in 1832, Cascade is the oldest continually operating brewery in all of Australia. The history of Cascade varies from story to story but undeniably involves two legendary men: Hugh Macintosh and his brother-in-law Peter Degraves.

Ten years prior, Peter Degraves claimed the area at the base of Mount Wellington for his mill however two years later was imprisoned for unpaid debts to the Empire. Hugh Macintosh and his two nephews, Henry and Charles Degraves, began construction of the brewery in 1831 and opened operations the following year.

Shortly after opening, Hugh Macintosh passed away and Peter Degraves took all rights and ownership as soon as his prison sentence was terminated. The brewery flourished in the 1850’s due to the Victorian Gold Rush. The Cascades provided flour, timber and most importantly, beer to the miners which generated large profits for the Degraves family.

Cascade is a one of a kind brewery worldwide, as operates completely on its own maltings and produces malt for its own mainstream beers such as their Pale Ale and Premium Lager. A few exceptions do exist: for specialty malts (for dark and seasonal beers) the brewery imports malt from abroad and mainland Australia.

The brewery is open seven days a week from 10am to 4pm. Visitors of the Cascade Brewery tour must be 16 years old or older. Visitors get to hear the truths about the origins of the brewery on this tour and get to hear and see how over almost 2 centuries the Cascade Brewery has developed, prospered and provided beer to many.

Tickets are $25 AUD for adults and $20 AUD for students, which also includes three drink tickets per guest. The tours run twice a day, every day.

Visit Cascade Brewery

Address: 140 Cascade Road, South Hobart
Telephone: 03 6221 8300
Website: www.cascadebreweryco.com.au

For more information visit their website.

Boag’s Brewery

Also known as J.Boag & Son, Boag’s Brewery is the fourth largest brewery in all of Australia and is similar to Cascade Brewery in regards to popularity and size. The brewery is located next to the Esk River in Launceston which provides the pure Tasmanian water used to produce their beers.

Similar to the Cascade Brewery, Boag’s produces iconic Tasmanian draught and bottled beers using locally grown ingredients.

James Boag and his son, who also was named James, founded Boag’s Brewery in 1883. James Boag came to Australia with his wife, Janet and four children in 1853 for the Victorian Gold Rush. The brewery originally started off as the Cornwall Brewery, which transitioned to the Esk Brewery (for the nearby river), then later Boag’s Brewery as we know it today.

James Boag I passed away in 1890 and left management to his son James Boag II. He installed a new malt house and increased production greatly. James II also grew their staff immensely to steer their brewery on the path to success. He passed away in 1919 and was succeeded by his son, James III. Years later he was succeeded by his son, George Boag, who ultimately was the last Boag to work at Boag’s Brewery in 1976.

From the beginning the Boag’s took immense pride in their ingredients, water source, equipment and subsequently, their beer. They quickly grew a strong reputation for crafting extraordinary beers on a consistent basis. To this day they insist on only using the finest hops and barley, and only locally sourced Tasmanian water.

The brewery is currently owned by Lion Nathan Ltd., is a subsidiary of the Japanese Beverage Corporation, Kirin. Although owned by a Japanese company, every bottle and keg of beer from Boag’s Brewery is produced in Launceston, Tasmania.

The brewery is open seven days a week and offers guided tours followed by beer tasting for guests aged eighteen years and older. Tours start at 11am, 1pm and 3pm. The cost is $30 AUD per adult, $25 AUD for seniors and $15 AUD for children ages 5-18. Visitors touring the brewery have a chance to hear all the rich history of the brewery, and of course, to sample the product itself!

Visit Boags Brewery

Address: 39 William Street, Launceston
Telephone: 03 6332 6300
Website: www.boags.com.au

For more information visit their website.

Moo Brew

Moo Brew is a microbrewery located in the suburb of Berriedale, twelve kilometres north of the city’s capital, Hobart.

Part of the Moorilla Estate, an Italian-Australian winery, Moo Brew is owned by David Walsh and is the site of the MONA (Museum of Old and New Art) Gallery. The estate often hosts live music and theatre productions at the site.

Visitors can enjoy a tasting at the Cellar Door, the Wine Bar, Museum Café, Void Bar or the Source Restaurant six days a week between 10am and 4pm at the MONA (closed Tuesdays).

Guided brewery tours start at 12:45pm every Friday and last for an hour. The price is $30 AUD per person, and tours are located an 11-minute car ride away at their Bridgewater location.

June 2005 was a big month for Moo Brew, as their first keg was sold! Five years after their first sale, Moo Brew expanded and opened up their second brewery at Bridgewater, Tasmania. Now all of the brewing happens at the Bridgewater site. They are a small microbrewery with a creative edge: their bottles feature exclusive artwork by Australian artist John Kelly.

Visit Moo Brew

Brewery: 76a Cove Hill Road, Bridgewater
655 Main Road, Berriedale (Museum of Old and New Art)
Telephone: +61 (03) 6263 7773
Website: www.moobrew.com.au

Two Metre Tall Brewing Company

Two Metre Tall Brewing Company is a quaint farmhouse brewery located in Hayes, about 40 minutes north of Hobart.

Two Metre Tall is brewed on the Charlemont farm, located in the Derwent Valley. The area only averages about twenty inches of rain annually, which provides significant farming challenges. Owners Ashley and Jane Huntington pride themselves on sustainability and grow the hops and grains that go directly into their beer. They also raise their own Wagyu cattle.

The brewery is open every Friday from 12pm until 10pm and every Sunday from 12pm until 5pm. They are closed from May until July for the winter season.

Visit Two Metre Tall

Address: 2862 Lyell Highway, Hayes
+61 400 969 677
Website: 2mt.com.au

IronHouse Brewery

The IronHouse Brewery is named after the first iron-clad roof house on the East Coast. The brewery opened in 2007, brewing all of their beers with naturally filtered spring water and all-natural ingredients. The talented team at IronHouse pride themselves on their full-flavoured craft beers.

IronHouse beers can be found throughout Tasmania, both in bottles and on tap. They brew over twenty different beers ranging from pale ale, to stout, to lager, to wheat beer.

All tours are by appointment only.

Contact IronHouse Brewery

Address: 21554 Tasman Highway, Four Mile Creek
Telephone:  (03) 6372 2226
Website: www.ironhouse.com.au

All tours are by appointment only.

Devils Brewery

Devils Brewery is one of Australia’s newest craft breweries, located in southern Tasmania. Owner, David Tottle, recently relocated from Sydney to Tasmania and turned his passion for home brewing into something more.

Devils Brewery offers exclusive beers with names to match. Kiss Me Hardy (an English style Pale Ale), RIPa (fruit and floral double hopped rye IPA), Smokey Moll and Tassie Pale Ale are just a few examples of their selection. They make small, limited-edition productions, on average just 600-1000 litres before moving on to their next flavour.

Contact Devils Brewery

Address: PO Box 186, Blackmans Bay
Telephone: 0412 163 772
Website: devilsbrewery.com.au

Tours are currently not available.

Seven Sheds Brewery

Seven Sheds is a microbrewery located in Railton, in the north west of the state. Owned and operated by Beer Bible author Willie Simpson, and beer enthusiast Catherine Stark, Seven Sheds produces Kentish Ale, seasonal beers and honey wines. They opened their doors in 2008 are also a meadery and hop garden.

The tasting room is open between Wednesday and Sunday from 11am – 5pm.

Brewery tours available at 12pm. Visitors must book and confirm tours at least 48 hours prior. The tour guides are well versed and visitors will learn about hops, barley and how beer is made, while sipping on a glass of Seven Sheds Beer.

Visit Seven Sheds

Address: 22 Crockers Street, Railton
Phone: 03 6496 1139
Website: www.sevensheds.com

Van Dieman Brewery

Van Dieman Brewery is a microbrewery located in White Hills, Tasmania. The brewery sits in the countryside amongst beautiful 100-year-old oak trees that are also displayed on Van Dieman’s labels.

Owner Will Tatchel came to Australia in 2006 after travelling and faced the choice of working for another brewery or starting his own. He chose the latter. He sticks with a British theme and you’ll often see his Mum, Dad and son lending a hand with the brewing process.

Contact Van Dieman Brewery 

Address: 537 White Hills Road, White Hills
Telephone: 03 6391 9035
Website: www.vandiemanbrewing.com.au

The brewery is not open for tours.

The Tasmanian Chilli Beer Company

The Tasmanian Chili Beer Company is located in Oyster Cove, Hobart and produces handcrafted non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks. They are a locally owned, micro-brewery that only utilises organic and spray-free fruit, and locally sourced ingredients.

The brewery produces the Local Mule (alcoholic ginger beer), Spicy Mule (alcoholic ginger beer distilled with Tasmanian vodka), Red Devil (raspberry and vodka mix) among tasty others.

They have a stand at the Salamanca Market on Saturdays from 8:30am to 3pm right in scenic Hobart. Visitors should look for them near the Lion Gates of St. David’s Park.

Contact Details

Address: Oyster Cove, Hobart
Telephone: 03 6267 4152
Website: www.tasmanianchillibeercompany.com.au

For more information visit their website.

Taverner’s Boutique Brewery

Taverner’s Brewery creates a distinctive, stand out range of honey mead Pale Ales, Ales, Strong Mead Ale, Honey Porter and delicious Dessert Honey Mead. These products have the ability to mellow out over time to their peak drinkability, typically 2-5 years after bottling, much like wine.

Taverner’s labels feature a Celtic design, which showcases both the origins of the products and the Irish/Cornish heritage of the maker.

Contact Taverner’s Boutique Brewery

Address: 11/11 High Street, East Launceston
Telephone: 03 6331 0888
Website: www.tavernersbrewery.com

Tours are not available. For more information visit their website.

Wineglass Bay Brewing

Wineglass Bay Brewing was established in 1996, founded by Claudio Radenti, a Freycinet Vineyard winemaker. They focused on creating ‘Hazards Ale’ beer, which is a remarkable unpasteurised, unfiltered, and preservative and additive free.

The company’s facilities are not open to the public but followers can purchase Wineglass Bay Hazards Ale at their location or via their website.

Contact Wineglass Bay Brewing

Address: 15919 Tasman Highway, Apslawn
Telephone: 03 6257 8574

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