The Lodge at Tarraleah


Central Tasmania is commonly referred to as the Midlands or Central Plateau, and is a picturesque region featuring lakes of all shapes and sizes. The spectacular scenery of the region along with its history makes it an interesting place to explore by car. The largest and most populous towns of the area are Bothwell and Miena.

The state’s extensive hydro-electric power system begins in Central Tasmania, and the region hosts two ‘World Heritage Area’ national parks. The weather is cool and gusty but is compensated by epic, postcard perfect scenery. The best way to explore Central Tasmania is by car or light aircraft.

Places of Interest

Central Tasmania can be reached from all major regions of Tasmania. Approximately 75km north of Hobart is Bothwell, also known as ‘The Gateway to Central Highlands’. This small town is rich in convict history and features more than fifty elegant buildings from the colonial era. Australia’s oldest golf course (established in the mid 1850s) is also located here and reserves, lakes and rivers in the vicinity of the town provide ample fishing opportunities. Brown trout is the main catch.



Heading in the northern direction along Highland Lakes Road takes explorers to the town of Waddamana; a tiny town established in 1900 to accommodate the development of Tasmania’s hydroelectric system. Located here is a Hydro-Electric Museum where machinery and equipment used to generate electricity is displayed.

Further along the Highland Lakes Highway is the town of Miena. Located by the Great Lake, Miena is an angler’s paradise, although the weather conditions are unpredictable.

South of Miena is the town of Tarraleah, another historic town developed in the 1900s for the construction of the hydro-electric project. Much of Tarraleah was disassembled when construction was completed, and for a number of years only an eerie network of streets and pavements remained. Today, The Lodge at Tarraleah offers luxury accommodation and eating and can serve as a base for exploring the surrounding areas. There is also a golf course nearby. Tarraleah features multiple lookouts offering photo opportunities of the surrounding mountain terrain and hydro electric system pipe network.

Walls of Jerusalem


One of the main natural features of Central Tasmania is the Walls of Jerusalem National Park. The park is spread over an area of 518 sq km and is a region scattered with exceptional geological features. Oatlands is another feature town in the area.