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The West Coast of Tasmania is one of the most isolated parts of the state and is known for its untamed, raw beauty. Noteable towns along the West Coast include Zeehan, Queenstown, Rosebery, Tullah and the quiet coastal town of Strahan. The West Coast echoes of a long-gone mining boom and many attractions throughout the area were constructed as part of early Tasmanian mining ventures.

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Beautiful Macquarie Harbour

The natural features of the West Coast include thick, treacherous rainforests, rugged mountains and meandering bodies of water. Queenstown and its surrounding areas are rich in mineral resources like tin, copper, zinc and gold.

The West Coast is cooler and wetter than other areas of Tasmania and receives considerable amount of rain and snow. The region features two national parks that fall under Tasmania’s protected World Wilderness Heritage Area.

queenstown, tasmania

Queenstown, Tasmania

Places of Interest

Macquarie Harbor is a large, picturesque body of water located near Strahan, a quiet coastal town. A river cruise departs Strahan almost every day of the year and takes visitors to picturesque Hells Gates (the mouth of the harbor), Sarah Island (a fascinating remote convict outpost now in ruins) and the protected Gordon River.

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Ocean Beach from Hells Gates, Macquarie Harbour

Queenstown is an old mining town and is known as the ‘capital’ of the West Coast. Attractions at Queenstown include the Galley Museum and the Spion Kopf Lookout however its main attraction is the West Coast Wilderness Railway, a lovingly restored cog railway originally built to transport valuable minerals from remote mines to the shipping port of Strahan. The railway is open almost every day of the year and is a must-do for visitors to the West Coast.

The Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National Park and the Cradle Mountain-Lake St. Clair National Park are two protected World Wilderness Heritage Areas in the area. Picnics, short walks or overnight treks are an enjoyable way to experience all these national parks have to offer.

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