Tasmania’s rivers, harbours and surrounding seas are a treasure chest of hidden secrets. Experience a cruise through one of these remarkable waterways and discover world-class scenery, stunning wildlife and the dramatic tales of early Australian history.

A comfortable, guided cruise on a Tasmanian waterway provides access to countless features and attractions not normally accessible by road. Learn about the plight of colonial convicts at Sarah Island, on the remote Macquarie Harbour. Discover huge, dramatic rock formations around the remote and rugged south west coast. Witness majestic humpback whales rolling in the ocean. And take snaps of weaving, playful dolphins alongside your luxury cruiser.

Many of these picturesque waterways are accessible by safe and comfortable luxury cruise vessels operating almost every day of the year. With many cruise operators departing directly from Tasmania’s main cities, there’s no excuse not to experience the scenery, wildlife and history of our waterways on a visit to our island state. Step aboard a warm and comfortable exploration vessel and watch as our precious, world famous attractions appear before your very eyes.

Bruny Island Cruises

The Bruny Island Cruise is an award winning three-hour cruise around the south-eastern tip of Bruny Island, at the point where the Tasman Sea meets the Southern Ocean. On this cruise, visitors experience towering remote sea cliffs, pass through narrow rock formations and get the opportunity to photograph native wildlife like dolphins and sea eagles.

A cruise around Bruny Island is Tasmanian ecotourism at it’s finest. The cruise’s custom built yellow vessels are safe and comfortable and are designed to operate with minimal impact on the environment. Guides on the Bruny Island Cruise are trained in the history, geography and wildlife in the area and take pride in delivering an entertaining and informative experience to their guests.

Bruny Island Cruises is operated by award winning operator Rob Pennicott who also operates Tasman Island Cruises, Iron Pot Cruises and the Tasmanian Seafood Seduction cruise.

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Address: 915 Adventure Bay Road, Bruny Island
Telephone: (03) 6234 4270
Website: www.brunycruises.com.au

Tasman Island Cruises

The Tasman Island Cruise is a three-hour wilderness cruise around the stunning coastline between Port Arthur and Eaglehawk Neck, in Southern Tasmania. The cruise departs from Port Arthur and reveals some of Tasmania’s geographic marvels like remote waterfalls, caves, grand rock formations and the highest vertical sea cliffs in the southern hemisphere.

The cruise also showcases Tasmania’s native wildlife like seals, whales, gannets, albatross and sea eagles. It is not uncommon for Dolphins to swim alongside the cruise vessel.

The Tasman Island Cruise is operated by award winning operator Rob Pennicott who also operates Bruny Island Cruises, Iron Pot Cruises and the Tasmanian Seafood Seduction cruise. Like all other cruises by Pennicott Journeys, the cruise’s custom built yellow vessels are safe and comfortable and are designed to operate with minimal impact on the environment. Guides are trained in the history, geography and wildlife in the area and take pride in delivering an entertaining and informative experience to their guests.

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Address: 6961 Arthur Highway, Port Arthur
Telephone: (03) 6234 4270
Website: www.tasmancruises.com.au

Iron Pot Cruises

The Iron Pot Cruise is a history-rich cruise around the greater Hobart area designed to showcase Hobart from the water, and travels around Betsey Island before visiting Australia’s oldest lighthouse, the Iron Pot.

Departing from the Franklin Wharf at Hobart’s waterfront precinct, the cruise begins in the Derwent River where visitors gain a waterside viewpoint of Battery Point, Wrest Point Casino and Mount Wellington. The cruise circumnavigates Betsey Island, where visitors witness multiple bird varieties in their natural habitat. The furthest point of the cruise is a stop at the Iron Pot, Australia’s oldest lighthouse, where visitors are treated with an extensive recollection of Hobart’s early maritime history.

The Iron Pot Cruise is operated by award winning operator Rob Pennicott who also operates Bruny Island Cruises, Tasman Island Cruises and the Tasmanian Seafood Seduction cruise. Like all other cruises by Pennicott Journeys, the cruise’s custom built yellow vessels are safe and comfortable and are designed to operate with minimal impact on the environment.

The Iron Pot Cruise is a 2.5 hour cruise and is an ideal way to see Greater Hobart from the water. Choose this cruise if you’re limited to staying within Greater Hobart.

Visit Iron Pot Cruises

Address: Franklin Wharf, Hobart
Telephone: (03) 6234 4270
Website: www.ironpotcruises.com.au

Tasmanian Seafood Seduction

The Tasmanian Seafood Seduction cruise is a full day, hands-on seafood experience where visitors can enjoy oysters, rock lobster, abalone and sea urchin directly from the pristine waters around the D’Entrecasteaux Channel, south of Hobart. This experience combines the serenity of Tasmania’s wide open waterways with fresh Tasmanian seafood and local produce.

Departing from Hobart’s waterfront precinct, this cruise visits a locally operated oyster farm, where oysters are eaten almost instantly out of the water, and stops at a secluded bay where the cruise’s friendly, licensed guides search for fresh abalone and sea urchin.

Towards the end of the cruise, the on-board team prepare the day’s catch into a marvellous seafood spread for all visitors to enjoy. The menu includes wild abalone, rock lobster, oysters, salmon, sea urchins and Tasmanian beer, wine and cider.

The Tasmanian Seafood Seduction is operated by award winning operator Rob Pennicott who also operates Bruny Island Cruises, Tasman Island Cruises and the Iron Pot Cruises. Like all other cruises by Pennicott Journeys, the cruise’s custom built yellow vessels are safe and comfortable and are designed to operate with minimal impact on the environment.

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Address: Franklin Wharf, Hobart
 (03) 6234 4270
Website: www.seafoodseduction.com.au

Tamar River Cruises

Tamar River Cruises offer picturesque cruises through the Cataract Gorge and Tamar Valley in Launceston, northern Tasmania. The Tamar is Australia’s longest navigable estuarine river and features coves and inlets waiting to be discovered from the water. Visitors cruise along the Tamar and witness farms, colonial buildings, vineyards and churches while enjoying fresh, Tasmanian produce.

Tamar River Cruises has been family owned and operated since 1996. There are four different cruise options and visitors can tailor their experience to what they’re looking for.

The company has two vessels, Lady Launceston and Tamar Odyssey. Lady Launceston was built in 2005 and is an 1890’s Style Monohull that carries forty-eight passengers through the Cataract Gorge. The Tamar Odyssey is a 2-deck catamaran that was built in 1996 and carries sixty guests.

To board the Tamar River Cruises visitors must go to the Home Point Cruise Terminal, which is a 10 – 15 minute walk from Launceston’s CBD.

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Address: Home Point Parade, Launceston
Telephone: (03) 6334 9900
Website: www.tamarrivercruises.com.au

Gordon River Cruises

Gordon River Cruises offer an award winning wilderness experience at Macquarie Harbour and the Gordon River on Tasmania’s remote west coast. The cruise provider’s flagship cruise, the Gordon River Cruise, departs from Strahan and visits history-rich locations like Hells Gates, the Gordon River, Sarah Island (the site of a harsh penal settlement) and a remote raised landing where visitors can walk amongst some of the last remaining temperate rainforest on earth. Other cruises include a Bonnet Island Excursion to witness colonies of penguins and private fishing and sightseeing charters.

Gordon River Cruises’ vessel, The Lady Jane Franklin ll, was built in Tasmania and was created to be eco-friendly to ensure minimal impact on the Tasmanian World Heritage Area. Onboard the Lady Jane Franklin guests wander around, take in scenic views and interpret guidebooks, maps and photographs of the area while the cruise makes its way to its various destinations.

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Address: 24 Esplanade, Strahan
Telephone: (03) 6471 4300
Website: www.gordonrivercruises.com.au

World Heritage Cruises

World Heritage Cruises offer feature-rich cruises around the Macquarie Harbour and Gordon River, on Tasmania’s rugged West Coast. On these cruises, visitors discover some of Australia’s oldest convict ruins at Sarah Island, pass through the notorious Hells Gates, witness high-tech aquaculture, and enjoy the peacefulness and serenity of the protected Gordon River.

Visitors can choose between the Heritage Morning Cruise or Heritage Afternoon Cruise, both lasting between five and six hours. A buffet lunch is freshly prepared on board and includes smoked salmon, cold meats, a selection of salads, fresh fruit, Tasmanian cheeses and freshly baked bread. The cruise’s friendly guides provide informative and interesting narrative on each destination visited. World Heritage Cruises also provides private charters for group bookings.

World Heritage Cruises hold a Trip Advisor Award for Excellence (2014).

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Address: The Esplanade, Strahan
(03) 6471 7174

Franklin Eco Cruises

The Franklin Eco Cruise is a comfortable two-hour cruise along the meandering Huon River in Southern Tasmania. Located in the thriving Huon Valley, the Huon River is the fourth largest river in Tasmania and provides an ideal setting for a smooth, relaxing and history-rich scenic cruise.

The cruise begins at the town of Franklin and meanders through the valley’s picturesque scenery. The journey heads further north past Huonville, turns back at Ranelagh and on the return trip circumnavigates North Egg Island, an important eco system and conservation area. Throughout the cruise, friendly guides explain the history and locations of the region.

The cruiser Lady Jane ll was constructed in 2013 and is completely enclosed with large windows and comfortable seats for up to thirty guests.

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Address: 4396 Huon Hwy, Port Huon
Telephone: (03) 6297 1060
Website: www.franklinecocruises.com.au

Wineglass Bay Cruises

Located on the eastern Freycinet Coast, Wineglass Bay Cruises takes visitors on a four-hour eco-friendly cruise from the soft shores of Coles Bay to one of the world’s top ten beaches, Wineglass Bay.

The cruise navigates around the Freycinet Peninsula’s coastline and showcases stunning geological formations, postcard-perfect scenery and an abundance of native wildlife. Guests have the opportunity to encounter sea eagles, a variety of sea birds, pods of dolphins, seals and occasionally a pod of majestic whales.

Wineglass Bay Cruises’ flagship vessel, the luxurious Schouten Passage ll is equipped for comfort. The 150-person vessel features a fully enclosed climate controlled cabin, with two fully stocked bars and three comfortable outdoor areas.

Wineglass Bay Cruises are located two and a half hours by car northeast of Hobart in the town of Coles Bay.

Visit Wineglass Bay Cruises

Address: Office 1 Jetty, Jetty Road, Coles Bay
Telephone: (03) 6257 0355
Website: www.wineglassbaycruises.com

Stanley Seal Cruises

The Stanley Seal Cruise is a 75-minute cruise out to Bull Rock, the location of a ‘haul-out’ of hundreds of energetic Australian Fur Seals. The cruise departs from Stanley, on the northwest coast of Tasmania, and allows visitors to witness hundreds of curious Fur Seals and bird wildlife in their natural habitat. The Fur Seals are curious and often swim right up to the boat.

Guests are provided with interesting facts and information about the Australian Fur Seal from the knowledgeable cruise staff. The seals can vary in size (from 180 – 350 kilograms) and on rare occasions baby twin Fur Seals can be seen lying and playing in the sun.

Views of the The Nut, a 3 million year old plug of a volcano, and surrounding rugged coastline are also viewed on the cruise.

Visit Stanley Seal Cruises

Address: Dockside, Wharf Road, Stanley
Telephone: (03) 6458 1294
Website: www.stanleysealcruises.com.au

Leven River Cruises

The Leven River Cruise Company is located in Ulverstone on the state’s northwest coast and offers four distinct cruise experiences: Jus’ Leven River Tour (two hours), Jus’ Leven Meal & Bush Tour (five hours), Jus’ Leven Bay Tour (one hour) and Jus’ Leven Picnic Cruise (three hours). The Leven River Cruise Company offers more than just a cruise experience… visitors have the opportunity to experience guided bush walks of the historic Leven Park, enjoy a traditional Australian barbecue or learn more about the bustling town of Ulverstone.

The calm Leven River and its surrounding wilderness are an idea location for viewing wildlife like vibrant birds, platypus and other native Tasmanian species. Experiences can be customised to include food and hikes or visitors can choose a shorter boat ride to simply enjoy the scenery around them.

The flagship “Jus’ Leven” tour boat is a flat bottom punt passenger ferry built by the Bell Chambers Brothers in Ulverstone in 1982. The vessel comfortably fits sixteen passengers on this unique experience.

Bookings are essential as the river is tidal.

Visit Leven River Cruises

Address: Tasma Parade, West Ulverstone
Telephone: 0400130258
Website: www.levenrivercruises.com.au

Peppermint Bay Cruises

The Peppermint Bay Cruise is an iconic Tasmanian cruising experience and combines a fast, luxury vessel with stunning Tasmanian scenery and the vibrant flavours of locally prepared cuisine.

Departing from Hobart’s waterfront precinct at Sullivans Cove, the Peppermint Bay Cruise leaves the scenic Hobart bay area, glides through the d’Entrecasteaux channel and arrives at its final destination in the stunning waters of Peppermint Bay. Here, guests are treated to a three-course banquet lunch and are given the opportunity to explore the quaint nearby town of Woodbridge. The cruise departs shortly afterwards to take guests back to Hobart.

The Peppermint Bay ll is a luxurious twenty-three metre catamaran specifically designed to explore Peppermint Bay. It’s not unusual to spot a pod of dolphins, a sunbathing seal or even migrating whales on a cruise down to Peppermint Bay. Choose this luxury cruise if you’re looking to view Hobart from the water, experience Tasmania’s epic coastline and enjoy some of our finest cuisine on offer.

Visit Peppermint Bay Cruises

Address: Brooke Street Pier, Sullivans Cove, Hobart
Telephone: 1300 137 919
Website: www.peppermintbay.com.au

Arthur River Cruises

Located in Tasmania’s far northwest, Arthur River Cruises offers visitors a remarkable opportunity to experience the Tarkine region, one of Tasmania’s ancient wilderness areas. The Arthur River is one of Tasmania’s seven major rivers and runs for about 170 kilometres through vast, untouched forests. The Arthur River is a precious gem on Tasmania’s wilderness crown and has never been logged or dammed.

The cruise departs from the township of Arthur River and travels approximately 14 kilometres upstream through coastal heath and rainforests before reaching Turk’s Landing. Here visitors have the opportunity to photograph wallabies, spotted quolls, water birds, parrots, kingfishers and other Tasmanian wildlife amongst the surrounding cool, temperate rainforest.

Cruising aboard the motor vessel George Robinson is a unique experience – the vessel’s old world warmth and charm adds to the experience of feeling the beauty of the incredible wilderness area.

Arthur River Cruises are located in Tasmania’s far northwest and are about seventy minutes from Stanley.

Visit Arthur River Cruises

Address: Arthur River Road, Arthur River
Telephone: 0427 885 792
Website: www.arthurrivercruises.com.au

East Coast Cruises

East Coast Cruises depart from Triabunna on the state’s east coast and offers panoramic, history-rich cruise packages around nearby Maria Island and the Ile Des Phoques (French for ‘Island of Seals’). Visitors experience iconic convict history, fascinating geological features and remarkable Tasmanian sea and land wildlife.

Two distinct cruise packages are available. The first package, named the ‘Island of Seals Tour’, includes a four hour scenic cruise, lunch amongst playful fur seals (don’t worry, the seals swim around the boat!), exploration of giant granite sea caves and a guided tour of a convict settlement on Maria Island.

The second package, named the ‘Circumnavigation Tour’, also entails a four hour cruise and a guided tour of a convict settlement on Maria Island. Instead of lunch amongst playful seals, Tasmanian cuisine is served at Riedle Bay, a location almost identical to the world famous Wineglass Bay.

The motor vessel Spirit of Maria was custom built as a tour vessel and has two separate viewing areas designed to showcase the area’s stunning marine life, cliff and cave formations and sweeping scenic views.

Visit East Coast Cruises

Address: The Esplanade, Triabunna
Telephone: (03) 6257 1300
Website: www.eastcoastcruises.com.au

Bay of Fires Eco Tours

Bay of Fires Eco Tours are located in Binalong Bay at the southern end of the truly spectacular Bay of Fires and offer the opportunity to experience this beautiful area from the sea; pristine white sandy beaches, lichen covered boulders, hidden bays and striking headlands of this breathtakingly stunning coastline.

The Bay of Fires stretches for nearly 30kms and there is no better way to soak up this amazing scenery than from the water on the custom built ‘Infurneaux’. Constructed from foam composite and fiberglass and fitted with wrap around seating, the vessel allows for a smooth and comfortable ride with panoramic views of the pristine coastline.

‘Bay of Fires’ is the flagship tour and covers every inch of the Bay of Fires coastline. During this 2.5 – 3 hour tour you will travel out way north, past the Bay of Fires Conservation Area to Mount William National Park and the lighthouse at Eddystone Point. The return journey is an offshore experience, giving you picturesque views of the coastline and the chance to encounter a diverse range of sea life. This tour departs each morning between 9 and 10am depending on the season.

‘The Gardens’ and ‘St Helens Island’ are afternoon tours These 1.5 hour journeys are popular with families. Departing at 2pm from Binalong Bay, one heads south the other north and the destination is based on the sea conditions on the day, however passenger preference is also taken into account.

All of the tours are fully guided and offer not only magnificent scenery and local knowledge, but the chance to encounter an abundance of sea life. Also offered are customised group tours and there is a History Room and Information Center  at the booking office, along with refreshments, including coffee, cold drinks and snacks.

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