Elizabeth Barsham is a Tasmanian who grew up in Hobart but was born on King Island. Her ancestors were among the first settlers of Tasmania and stories of the land as told by these original settlers were part of her upbringing.


She is an acclaimed Tasmanian artist and studied in Melbourne under a former student of Norman Lindsay. She has exhibited in many major exhibitions and has collected many awards throughout her career.


Elizabeth also researches and writes about local history.


Her other interests include bushwalking, Tasmanian geology, climate, fauna and its original inhabitants, Tasmanian scenery and history, nineteenth century literature, science fiction, classical opera and Heavy Metal music, Goth fashion and environmental degradation and pollution. All of these influence her artwork.


She aims to reach as many people as possible with her art.


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elizabeth barsham,caravan moves on, tasmanian artist,tasmanian author

elizabeth barsham,before they built the bridge, tasmanian artist,tasmanian author